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LAMSE - Instruments for radiation detection and measurement

September 2017

LAMSE has supplied to the company IDOM Ingeniería y Consultoría S.L. a system for detecting and measuring levels of Gamma radiation and X-rays. This system will be installed in part of the Jules Horowitz research Reactor (JHR) in Cadarache (France), in which IDOM participates in its design and construction. The measuring system consists of four Area Radiation Monitor RM1001B-RDM... Read more

Professional instruments for alpha, beta, gamma radiation detection

The ionizing radiation is imperceptible by the human senses. Therefore instruments capable to detect it are needed to be able to protect people and environment.


Gamma and X-Rays Radiameter

The Eris1R is a handheld, small and compact, radiameter/dosimeter to detect and measure Gamma and X-Rays radiation.

  • Energy compensated Geiger-Müller detector
  • Up to 100 mSv/h
  • Rate mode, accumulated dose, and Hold mode    ...Read more


15 March 2016

Some of LAMSE products were in the International Security, Safety and Fire Exhibition (SICUR) showed by Military Emergencies Unit (UME), branch of the Spanish Armed Forces responsible for providing disaster relief. This unit has LAMSE instruments for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation in case of nuclear or radiological emergency. In particular, the URO VAMTAC unit for analysis in areas with NRBQ risks has a LAM35 module with 4 radiation probes... Read more

18 February 2016

The multisonde monitor MS6020 and CT15 sonde of LAMSE have participated in the paper published in the XXXIII Congress of the Spanish Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, about the calibration of radioactive contamination instruments for measuring Ra223. The objective of this paper is determine the preparation of Ra223 sources to calibrate the radioactive contamination instruments... Read more

CT115BG Sonde

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, radioactive contamination sonde

The CT115BG sonde, connected to multisonde monitor MS6020, can measure Alpha+Beta+Gamma and especially it is capable to detect low energy gammas. Now, it can discriminate and measure only Alphas


Waterproof sondes

The new radiation probes, RD1W and RD2W, are waterproof, so that they can be used outdoors and under the water


The Eris1D measures the Gamma and X-Rays radiation, and detects the alpha, beta and gamma particles thanks to the open-window detector. ...Read more


Now, the MS6020 power supply are rechargeable batteries, obtaining a longer autonomy and practicality. ...Read more


The LAM35 module can measure with up to 4 sondes simultaneously ...Read more


The RM1001B-RD area radiameter/dosimeter has been more than 10 years monitoring the radiation, 24/7 during the 365 days of year ...Read more


A very easy-to-install system to detect hidden radiactive sources in containers, bins, etc. ...Read more

RD1W and RD2W Probes

Radiation waterproof sondes

For measuring ambiental radiation outdoors or under the water. These sondes can be connected to some different instruments:


6 November 2015

The RM1001-RD radiation monitor of LAMSE has participated in a technical report published by the "International Journal of Cancer Therapy and Oncology", titled "Public exposure from I-131 hospitalized isolated patiens...". The aim of these report is determine the dose rate received by patients' family members and the general public in the corridor and the non-radioactive patients admited in adjacent room from I-131 administered isolated patients... Read more

Since 2002 LAMSE is certified in ISO9001, assuring the quality in all the processes of design and manufacture of our products ,... Read more
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LAMSE is a Spanish company created in 1987 whose main activity is the design and manufacture of instruments for the detection and measurement of the ionizing radiation... Read more

What difference is between a radiameter and a dosimeter? A radiameter measures the intensity of the radiation, whereas a dosimeter measures the accumulated dose... Read more

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