LAMSE is 100% operational. It is everyone’s responsibility to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, the following actions are carried out:
- Packages and materials received are quarantined for 36-48 hours before handling.
- LAMSE staff use a face mask, hydroalcoholic gel for hand disinfection and maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres.
- Any external person entering the LAMSE facility must wear a mask and maintain a distance of at least 2 metres.    
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June 2019

The LAMSE radioactive radiation and contamination detection and measurement equipment has been present and has participated in the Practical Schools in Technological Risks organized by the Group of Intervention in Technological and Environmental Emergencies of the Military Unit of Emergencies (UME) celebrated in this month of June in the Torrejón Air Base (Madrid), headquarters of the UME.
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Gamma and XRays Radiameter

The ERiS2-R is a handheld, small and lightweight radiation monitor.

  • Energy compensated Geiger-Müller detector
  • Data memory
  • Reachargeable Lithium battery
  • USB connectivity    ...Read more




Multisonde monitor for radiation and contamination

The ERiS2-M/G is a handheld radiation multisonde monitor.

  • Internal detector and external sondes.
  • Data memory
  • Reachargeable Lithium battery
  • USB connectivity
  • Built-in GPS sensor (optional)    ...Read more




Radiation and radioactive contamination monitor.

The ERiS2-D is a monitor that allows two different types of measurement: dose rate of gamma radiation and X-ray (µSv/h), and alpha, beta and gamma radioactive contamination rate (cps).

  • Geiger-Müller detector with 7 cm² thin window
  • Data memory
  • Reachargeable Lithium battery
  • USB connectivity    ...Read more


Professional instruments for alpha, beta, gamma radiation detection

The ionizing radiation is imperceptible by the human senses. Therefore instruments capable to detect it are needed to be able to protect people and environment.

Waterproof sondes

The new radiation probes, RD1W and RD2W, are waterproof, so that they can be used outdoors and under the water


The Eris1D measures the Gamma and X-Rays radiation, and detects the alpha, beta and gamma particles thanks to the open-window detector. ...Read more


The new multisonde monitor to detect and measure ambient radiation and radioactive contamination ...Read more


The LAM35 module can measure with up to 4 sondes simultaneously ...Read more


The RM1001B-RD area radiameter/dosimeter has been more than 10 years monitoring the radiation, 24/7 during the 365 days of year ...Read more


A very easy-to-install system to detect hidden radiactive sources in containers, bins, etc. ...Read more

CT115BG Sonde

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, radioactive contamination sonde

The CT115BG sonde, connected to multisonde monitor MS6020, can measure Alpha+Beta+Gamma and especially it is capable to detect low energy gammas. Now, it can discriminate and measure only Alphas


September 2017

LAMSE has supplied to the company IDOM Ingeniería y Consultoría S.L. a system for detecting and measuring levels of Gamma radiation and X-rays. This system will be installed in part of the Jules Horowitz research Reactor (JHR) in Cadarache (France), in which IDOM participates in its design and construction. The measuring system consists of four Area Radiation Monitor RM1001B-RDM... Read more

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